Friday, January 21, 2011

A few random things...

I bought Bob some girls winter boots because he needed some and these were on clearance at for $7.  Hopefully with his snow suit covering everything but the toe they'll look a little less sparkly.

Yesterday Herbie knocked at the door mid-poopy-diaper change and while I was talking to him Bob had his first majorly annoying adventure in the toilet; he dunked his gdiaper in the water and then let it drip on the floor, over and over until I caught him standing in a puddle.

For some reason Bob thinks this hand mixer is a bunny.  He makes it "hop, hop" around the kitchen.

Bob's favorite things to say at the moment are "throw, catch" (sounds like "fwoa, teh") and "peeeeee!"

And... there's a break in the weather so we're going to high tail it out of here for the weekend.

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