Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bobby's first tubing experience

On the afternoon of gorgeous day we played outside for a while.  The wind let up for once making the conditions pretty much perfect as far as winter goes, or at least tolerable.

The snow on everything was just perfect.  While Ben ventured up the hill to check out the tubing conditions I dragged Bob around on his sled taking pictures.  Sorry there are so many.  I just can't help myself.

Then Bob and I joined dad for some tubing...

Ben plopped Bob into one of his bootprints and Bob had the best time standing and squatting in there, saying "up, down" over and over.

We are seriously so so lucky to live here.  Even though winter isn't necessarily my favorite season, I think this place might be at its most beautiful at this time of year.

Here's Bob and me, about to take Bob's first ever tube ride down the hill...

... and there we are down at the bottom...

Bob loved it.  A little snow in the face, but nothing major.  He went down a second time with Ben and got pummeled with a wave of snow, and didn't so much like that.  He cried all the way into the house and until I had food on his tray in front of him (blueberry pancakes left over and reheated from breakfast).  Then he was all good.

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  1. What gorgeous snow pictures! The one of the ice falling off the tree is just beautiful. That little boy is quite the looker as well:-).


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