Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter wonderland

I'm posting one more shot of Bob playing in the snow because, why not?

Bob is very serious a lot of the time we're outside.

He loves to watch the birds, but his favorite thing is eating the snow.  Poor boy -- I accidentally bought him mittens for infants with no separate thumb hole.  It doesn't bother him though; he just dips his little paw in and the snow sticks right to it, then he eats it off like a snow cone.  Watching him you'd think it was an ice cream sundae, but alas, it's just water.

I love Bob's lips and cheeks in this photo -- turned pink from the cold of his icy treat.  I love this beautiful winter.  And I love this baby.


  1. What a sweet baby boy! I love the bokeh in the background!

  2. HE is cute!
    We just made the deadline!

  3. I love this photo - his expression is priceless.


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