Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jamaica - part one

We probably wouldn't have chosen to take a trip to Jamaica with an infant, but last year we won a free trip which had to be redeemed by July, and I couldn't bear the idea of leaving my baby behind while I left the States, so we just did it.

Ben and I honeymooned in 2008 at Sandals Whitehouse on the south shore of Jamaica.  We had a blast, an incredibly amazing time.  We didn't want to leave and couldn't wait to go back (although we knew we wouldn't be returning any time soon because that place is EXPENSIVE).  We love reggae, we love the Jamaican people... and we love all-inclusive resorts.  Some months later I get an email about a photo contest, we submit three photos, and then I get the call saying we won first place!  I don't think I've won anything like this since I won the Arby's coloring page contest when I was four, and all I won for that was a jumbo sized coloring book.  Here's the winning photo:

And here are our other two submissions:

I personally think this last one is by far the best, but I guess the judges couldn't resist my gorgeous smile and tan...

Needless to say, I was on the lookout for photo-ops throughout our trip, but I found that it's a lot harder to get Bobby to smile at that key moment than it is to get Ben to.  I think we got a few good ones though.

More to come later...

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