Monday, May 3, 2010

A couple developments and random thoughts

1.  Today was the first truly hot and muggy day of Bobby's life.  He has a sweet little sweaty scent to him that I can't get enough of.

2.  Last night Bob slept for almost 8 hours (from 12 - 7:45 am) without waking me -- for the second time in one week!  Could we be on to something?

3.  Bobby recently learned to pull his socks off his feet.  I'm sure that will impress me less and less as time goes on.

4.  He can sit up without support now, although he sometimes gets distracted and topples over.  Tonight he sat at Ben's softball game like a real spectator:

5.  Bob's hair is finally getting long enough for me to form it into a mini mohawk (his first hair-do):

6.  Now this is the one I really want to remember:

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling really crummy, sick to my stomach with a headache.  It was time for Bobby to nap, so I brought him in to my bed with me for some mother-son rest time.  Sometimes when I have a headache it helps me feel better to have my eyes gently rubbed; lots of times I'll ask Ben to do it for me.  So, Bobby and I were settling in for our nap; I lay facing him with my eyes closed, hoping to be able to fall asleep.  After a moment Bobby reached over with his teeny tiny hand, and he started tickling my left eyelid with his teeny tiny fingers.  He laid there gently caressing my eye for a good five minutes, and then he moved his baby hand over and did the same thing to my right eye.  I laid there not wanting to move, almost in disbelief at the beauty of the moment as my tiny baby son comforted me -- one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever felt.  When he finally pulled his little hand away, I whispered to him, "you are an angel from heaven."  Oh, he melts my heart.

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  1. Precious! I love blogging so that I can remember all these little things - I don't keep a this is it! Glad you're loving mommyhood so much!


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