Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, I love weekends.

Two whole days spent with my two best loves.  What could be better?

We got to lounge out in our jammies on Saturday morning:

We spent lots of time doing cute stuff outside:

Lovely goat hill sunset Saturday evening:

Also, we had a couple of important developments...

First off, we went the whole weekend with NO pacifier.  Naps, night time, car seat, grocery store.  And Bobby did great with it; he went to sleep almost every time without a whimper.  He doesn't seem to realize that he could suck on his thumb, he just chews on a blanket or a stuffed animal to get his sucker fix.  Seems to be working ok, and dare I say that he seems to be sleeping for longer stretches at night?

Another big one: Today Bobby learned that he can really travel by rolling around.  He likes to get himself under the furniture in his room:

He even rolled from one room to another.  He was happy exploring by himself for, I don't know, an hour?  Half an hour at least.

Soon he'll be chasing us all over the house.  I think we need to start baby-proofing.  Oh dear.

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