Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet boy

Lil Bubbs has been so cute and sweet and happy lately I can't even handle it.  For one thing he's clearly loving the fact that he can sit up on his own and hang out like the rest of us.  He's like a kid now.

Also he's been coming to work with me since last Wednesday (Meirwyn is out of town and needs me to cover full time, and I in turn need to have Bob in the office), and being with his mom all day seems to make a huge difference with Bobby's general mood and especially his willingness to lay down for naps and at night.  I can't read his little mind of course, but I do notice that the more time I spend paying loving attention to him while he's awake, the more content and relaxed he is all the time.  We've gone a whole week now with no pacifier at all; in fact I don't even know where the sucker is.

The other day Bobby posed for pretty much the cutest photo shoot of his life.  Not the perfect location or light -- but the cuteness was unstoppable.

Did you think I stopped there?  No, you probably didn't...

How many pictures do you think I have of this boy?!  You try to guess, and I'll try to figure out the answer.

Another way in which Bob is turning into a kid: he can choose his own sleeping position now.  Last night for the first time Bobby rolled over to sleep on his belly in his crib.  This also happened to be the first night he slept in a t-shirt and diaper, with no covers, because it was so darn hot.

Two more things to be happy about: it's been fantastic Jeep weather...

and the sunset tonight was gorgeous.

Time for bed.

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  1. These pictures are GREAT, Angie! I'm so glad Bob has been so happy lately. I'm sure he does love being with his mommy all day!


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