Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have baby, will travel

Bobby's passport arrived in the mail today:

After months of debating, Ben finally decided to jump on board with the idea of taking Bobby to Jamaica (thanks, love!)  Seriously, how could I leave that face behind while I go on vacation?

Now I just need to figure out everything else we need to bring with us in order to make for a smooth trip...


  1. Wow...that's the cutest thing ever! And I love the heading to your blog with all the pictures! How did you do that??

  2. I did it using Picasa -- free photo software from Google. I use Aperture for most of my photo management, but Picasa is a LOT easier for some things. Just select the photos you want, then create a collage (I used the "picture pile" style). After the collage has been created, you can crop it to the size you want and add text. Then export the finished product and add it as a gadget to your blog. I can give you more detailed instructions if you like...


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