Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arts and crafts for toddlers.

I'm not sure you can call any of these "arts" or "crafts" but here goes...

Craft One, the classic: drawing with big fat Crayola crayons.

Fun to draw with, even more fun to throw on the floor.

Often I'll make Bob a coloring page of sorts -- I write his name in bubble letters or draw different kinds of balls, then he colors on top of that.

Problem is, along with throwing and breaking, Bob loves to eat the fat crayons...

(Ben and I each have a paint by number that we're working on) 

... and very soon they look like this:

Serving a snack with art time helps a little.

I stumbled upon these Twistables for $2 and, looking so much less edible, I had to give them a try.

They actually work great -- they don't break when Bob chucks them on the floor and he can't eat them.  Now we just have to work on coloring with the right end...

Craft Two: stickers.  Okay, this one is even more of a stretch to call "art" but Bob LOVES stickers.

Sometimes to make it seem like more of a project, I give Bob stickers to put on his house.  He likes to concentrate his design in one area.

Craft Three: Play Doh.  Bob's cousins gave him some for Christmas.  This one's got the same problem as the fat crayons -- it looks so yummy!

Then I got the idea for homemade play doh from Lindsey's blog (she got the recipe here).  Those folks were even cool enough to make their own natural dye.  I was not; I just used a couple drops of red food coloring.  Perhaps one day we'll make another color, but for now we just have pink.

Of course Bob had to taste it.  Even though the recipe says, "this is inedible play dough, obviously," I wasn't too concerned.

He didn't seem to be a big fan anyway.

I haven't been brave enough to try finger paints yet, but I'm thinking about going for it soon.

So, what other arty or crafty activities can be done with a tiny person like Bob?  Any ideas?

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  1. Great job with the playdough! I'm glad it worked for you! Camden LOVES coloring and playing with stickers - we need to get these boys together sometime! :)


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