Monday, March 7, 2011

First favorite library book

A few weeks ago we took Bob to the library for the very first time.  He's been into books since he was six months or so old, but up until recently he couldn't be trusted with paper pages.  Especially not paper pages that don't belong to us.

Our village library is tiny -- one large room with the children's section occupying one corner.  Bob was pretty excited about all the books, until he saw the one toy.  He loves this thing.  He likes numbers, he's obsessed with clocks; there was almost no tearing him away.

I sat in one of the teeny chairs and plopped Bob on my lap and read him a few books.  My son is rather choosy about the books he likes; not that he's hard to please necessarily, but when he doesn't like it, he doesn't like it.  (E.g., no matter how many times I've tried to read him Guess How Much I Love You -- the Nutbrown Hare book -- he slams it shut.)

Well, he rejected quite a few library books, but there were a couple he liked, this one being his clear favorite:

We had to return our first library book last Friday, but luckily I know the whole thing by heart.  (Comes in handy, because I can trick Bob into thinking we're reading a book in the dark when he occasionally wakes in the middle of the night with a hankering to read.)  Here are some of Bobby's favorite pages...

(F/G: he alternates between oinking and barking; K: he whips around to watch me lick my hand then licks himself; Q: he shouts "bees!"; T/U: he leans over to Ben for a "moo" on the forehead)

We all totally love this book.  Writing about it is actually making me miss it more.  I think we need our own.  If you happen upon a cheap copy, get it.

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