Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another favorite library book

This book was Bob's favorite from our second trip to the library.  We read it every single night for the three weeks we had it.  Right now as I type my little kitten is trying to reach into the screen and grab it, whining "knit kit, knit kit!"

Clickity-click.  Tickety-tick.  Knitty Kitty sits and knits.  (here we move our fingers like knitting needles)
"A hat for me, Knitty Kitty?"  "Yes, little kitten, a hat.  To keep you cozy."

Knitty Kitty keeps on clickety-ticking and the other two kittens get mittens and a scarf.

Then they give all their winter warmities to the snowman outside.  And Knitty Kitty calls them in for bed.

But the kittens can't sleep.  "We're not comfy!" they cry.  "We're not cozy, we're not toasty!"
"Don't worry, little kittens, I have something to keep you warm."
"What is it, Knitty Kitty?"

"Me!"  (Bob shouts out that line, then tries to say "comfy, cozy, toasty")

The book goes on to say goodnight, but when we turn the page Bob whips it back to this one.

Night-night, Knitty Kitty!

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