Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the weekend.

Part one: fun times with Cohen!

Bob was pretty mature this time around in comparison to our last visit; the boys played pretty well together, in fact.  They shared their snacks and took turns bringing each other drinks.  They played with the same toys, they played separate -- they were both really nice most of the time.

Not pictured: catching up with Mal and meeting her new little girl, my two favorite things about the visit actually.

Weekend part two: at Gram's.

Bob's getting around so well on his feet these days that he's like a real kid.  He loves to walk about exploring the outdoors.

stomping in puddles...

I dug out the little table and chair set that I used when I was a kid so Bob could draw while I washed the dishes...

At Gram's the three of us sleep in the attic, with Bob in his pack and play at the foot of our bed.  Although I'm glad we don't have to share a room all the time, I do love waking up to my little guy with the morning light seeping in through the window behind him.

Bob is super into Gram's cuckoo clock; the top of every hour is itself cause for awe and celebration.  We try to tell him how many minutes it'll be 'til the next cuckoo; then he walks around saying, "too-too, two min."  Here Bob breaks from his lunch to bask in the moment...

I love watching Bob stand up after he falls.  He's so great.

Also I love tiny Levis and tiny boots and tiny fingers.

I wanted to take a photo of Gram and Bob and Bailey on Sunday, but Bob was getting tired and clingy, so I had to get in there too.

My mom's boyfriend Tom brought two of his kids up for a while; I snapped a couple photos of them as we were leaving for home, and I just love this one -- especially Gracie's shy little smile and Ryan's squinty "this lady is crazy" grin.

This last official weekend of winter gave us a tiny glimpse of spring, and boy do I look forward to warmer days.

One more of these, if only to remind you that there once was a time when it was even harder to get up off the ground.


PS.  Jacob is my new American Idol fave I think.  His voice is from God; he friggin moves me.  Complete realness.

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