Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Bob, you're 1 1/3 years old!

I forgot some things last time, so I've been collecting these random notes for a month now...

You sing Row Row Row Your Boat.  Actually just "Row, row, row boat."  That was your first song; now you've moved on to other favorites.

You are obsessed with bottles.  Any and every kind.

You chipped your left front tooth the day before your 15 month birthday.  I'm not 100% sure because I didn't notice til later, but I think it happened when you failed your dismount from the bed in the extra bedroom; you acted like your face was hurt but the only damage I could find was a bruise to your forehead; apparently the tooth was another casualty.

You are finally getting over the I-hate-having-my-diaper-changed-so-I-am-going-to-be-extremely-uncooperative phase.  Thank you.

Have I already mentioned that a few weeks ago you learned how to catch!?  You're getting really good at it -- you can even catch a ping pong ball!  I think that's pretty much unheard of for a youngster your age (but even if it's not, I'm proud of you anyway).

One of our favorite "sayings" of yours: "poo-pah" = "poop in the potty."

The other night Dad came in after plowing with messy hat hair.  You took one look at him and said, "Hat on?  No."

You say "no" for "no" and "please" or occasionally "sure" for "yes."  What a polite little angel you are.

I think my favorite thing you say nowadays is "Oh-tay!"  That's another one you say for "yes" sometimes.  More often, though, you say it when you want me to say "okay."  Such as, when you're standing at the gate begging to play on the stairs or go up for a nap, you'll say, "Oh-tay, oh-tay!"

I am almost positive that when I laid you down in your crib tonight you said a variation of "I love you."  Oh, my heart.

I just heard you whimpering upstairs so I ran up to rock you for a minute, because it was almost 11:00 anyway.  You cuddled into me and fell right back to sleep.  I rarely get to hold you while you're sleeping nowadays... even before I was ready to put you back down tonight you stirred and wanted to stretch out in your crib.  You used to prefer sleeping in our bed, but now you definitely prefer sleeping alone.

Bobby, I can't even tell you how proud we are of you every single day.  You are already turning into such a smart and sweet little person.  Honestly I could not feel more blessed than by the simple fact that I get to have YOU!

We went to Brewery Ommegang today to try and get lunch (which didn't work out) but you had fun exploring and the light in the gift shop was lovely so I got to take some nice shots of you on your 16 month birthday so everything turned out fine...

I love you so much, you little one and one third year old!

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