Friday, March 25, 2011

Random stuff we do


eat while pretending to be a frog.

explore outside.

cry because we're no longer exploring outside.

spy at each other through the grandfather clock.

climb stairs.

(Bob thinks the baseboard is his own personal hand rail.)

change diapers.  we do it on my bed.  I really don't know why, since Bob gets away every time and he's peed on my pillow thrice.

watch Sesame Street.  (or "street show" as Bob calls it.)

beg to get into the carrier.

make a paper hat.  (Bob calls it his "beak")

walk around downtown.  the most exciting part of Bob's life.  he feels extremely mature on a sidewalk.

watch birds out the window.

nfl training camp.

when Bob plays alone it goes something like this...

or this...

or this...

or this...

occasionally an explosive poo means a morning shower with mom followed by some sleepy should-I-be-going-to-bed-now? time.

hug wrestle.

go to the park.  actually we've only been once so far this year because it's been buried in three feet of snow all winter.

 be super cute at the park.

take a bath and be super cute there too.

read books.



  1. Omigosh, my favorite part is NFL training camp. So cute. Also cute? HIS FREAKING FACE! You have one cute boy, Ang!

  2. He is adorable!!!! :) Love all your pictures!


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